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Taste Not Waste

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  1. Show the supermarkets you care! Add your name to the campaign and join the local movement to end superficial rejection of fruit and vegetables.
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  3. Choose the 'imperfect' fruit and vegetables when you shop!

When supermarkets reject perfectly good food it hurts our farmers, it hurts our communities and it hurts our planet.

We consumers are smart enough to know that fruit and vegetables are not naturally one specific shape or size. Real cucumbers have curves, every royal gala is fit for a king, and we don't want a single fruit or vegetable to suffer from low shelf-esteem just because of their looks. This diversity should be celebrated!

Yet in Australia, 20 - 40% of fruit and vegetables are rejected by supermarkets based entirely on aesthetic ‘imperfections’. This is costing our growers $3 billion per year and wasting valuable land, water, and energy resources.

That's why, as consumers, we reject wasteful aesthetic specifications for fresh produce that result in perfectly good food going to landfill instead of to hungry people. We love the ‘Ugly Fruit and Odd Bunch’ initiatives because discrimination based only on superficial standards and call on all supermarkets in SA to rewrite their wasteful standards on the fruit and veg they reject. After all - the taste and quality is the same.

By signing this petition, I am demanding that supermarkets stop rejecting fruit and vegetables based on the current strict produce specifications.

If you want to see perfectly good food going into lunchboxes instead of landfill chances are your friends feel the same. The more people sharing this campaign = a more powerful our voice = the strongest chance to win!

Supporter comments

Allison Byrne, Blackwood, SA

Food waste is shameful. Supermarkets need to revise their superficial standards. Looks don't alter taste.

wendy sutton, Adelaide

I like food, whatever shape or size. We're lucky enough to have it.

Sally Smith, Woodville south

The waste is inexcusable, when so many people don't have enough.

Angela Brown, SA

Wonky fruit and veg not only taste good but kids prefer them if you add a little curiosity and imagination! That bendy carrot? It's a crabbity witches nose! That bruise on the apple that fell? That's tasty edible evidence of Newton's discovery of gravity. That bendy banana curled around tip to tip - a chance to pose the question - which part of a banana is the banana's bottom? Wasting edible fruit and veg for the sake of uniformity over curiosity is just madness.

Renée Biele, Adelaide

I'm supporting this campaign because so many people in the world are starving. Why throw away food because it doesn't look exactly right?

Amy Blaylock, Clearview

Wasting good food should be criminal

Alicia Godfrey, Murray Bridge

Not only are we wasting perfectly good food but also the resources that go into producing it! Time to stop the madness!

Cally Malone, Australia

Fruit and veg taste the same, have the same nutrients and all end up as healthy mush in our tummys anyway regardless of what they look like.

Lynda Hopgood, Kapunda

food wastage is a huge problem. It costs growers, it costs consumers, and it costs the planet. Give me cheap, knobbly fruit and veggies over pristine, expensive ones any day!

Dani Austin, Adelaide

Through generations food waste has been a tragedy and it still should be. Let's eat this precious resource.

Elisia Banks, Kersbrook

I'm supporting this campaign because as consumers we should have the right to choose the size and shape of our produce. What kind of message are we passing on to the next generation, that even fruit and veg needs to be "perfect"

Louise Stewart, Flinders Park

I support this campaign because we are all imperfect and we should not discriminate against fruit that is a little different. It's better for the environment. So please let consumers choose to buy fruit that might be a bit odd in shape and size but that they know is not being wasted. Who cares if a carrot is a little crooked or a banana is a little straight if the taste and nutrient is good.

Norma Mccarthy, Adelaide

I'm supporting this campaign because food is food, and we shouldn't be throwing food out based on aesthetic when there's people going hungry!

Helen Lux-Bridges, Golden Grove

I'm supporting this campaign because "ugly" fruit and vegetables taste just as good as the "perfect" ones.

Roxanne Williams, Gold Coast

Nature can never be ugly, it is only perception that does this.

Yvonne Menere, McCracken

I don't believe the supermarkets when they say "the customer demands it" . I think they demand it perfection for fruit and veg. It is scandalous that farmers have to dump food because it is not good enough for the major supermarkets.

Sara Dunsford, Adelaide

Nothing and no one is perfect, just the way it should be!

Rebecca Doherty, Fernvale

I'm a single parent that can't afford to buy the abundance of fruit and veg to have a healthy lifestyle. It would be nice to see the non wasted fruit and veg help Australia be healthy again. We are being slandered as parents because we don't promote a healthy lifestyle but when we hear perfectly good fruit and vege being trashed that's not healing the cause.

Chris Goodman, 5163

OMG - it is just SO wasteful and expensive - let's just stop wasting food and reduce prices as well.

amanda rowe, adelaide

Perhaps if the perfection standards were dropped the big supermarkets would have more interesting food and it would not be so overpriced? Wishful thinking....

Sandra Heidrich, Brisbane

Food waste because of the cosmetic standards is obscene.

Katring Bianchi, Brisbane

I am appalled at the ridiculous 'cosmetic' standards of food that waste perfectly edible produce. I support the 'odd bunch' and buy whatever is available in this range. Other than that I try to source produce from farmers/markets/grown my own or friends' vege patches. I will never buy 'perfect' fruit and vege from supermarkets! And by the way - get rid of the plastic packaging!!!!

Narelle Upton, Brisbane

If time and energy have been expended to grow it, then it should be eaten.

Pamela Fioretti

this is a scandalous waste of resources.

Bella E, Adelaide

I'm supporting this campaign because perfectly delicious fruit and vegetables should not be thrown away due to their length, or size, or degree of curviness!

Natasha Stent, Adelaide

In the last 6 months I have stopped shopping at Woolies and Coles because I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of fresh quality fruit and veg. I was finding that my fruit and veg wasn't lasting as long as those I bought at a farmers market and also cost double or triple the amount. The last straw was seeing the ridiculous plastic packaging that seemed to be placed on every "fresh" item. Now I go out of my way to buy imperfect fruit and veg from markets and it tastes so much fresher and lasts longer. I don't care what shape my cucumber is.

Olivia Lutze, Adelaide Hills

A horrible waste of resources...but perhaps people need to stop supporting the big supermarkets because 'convenience' and grow their own(don't say you don't have time to plant a seed or have no room) or buy direct from the farmer. It is fun finding yourself real food and supporting local!!

Maurene McEwen, South Australia

because we cannot continue to use precious water and earth sources to produce fruits and vegetables only to have them wasted. I have this morning picked the ugliest tomato from my small plot, very late season, to find it has the best taste. Education before waste ; environment before profit

Angela Derda, St Agnes

Such strict aesthetic regulations are part of the cause of the growing epidemic that is food wastage in this country. Be leaders and be part of the change and education that is necessary to make a difference!!

Xenia Ok, Adelaide

People die of starvation and we throw "ugly" perfectly tastey produce... Shame on you for not looking after the next gen.

Bec Taylor, Adelaide

I would love to see supermarkets encouraging locally seasonal produce and not discriminating on size and shape so that producers do not lose money and feel terrible about wasting so much good food!

Trudy Donnelly, Adelaide

Stop the waste! Id buy it

Mollie Flaherty, Nuriootpa

We need a sustainable future!

Caitie Adams

Food waste is a disgrace.
There is no place for this kind of displace in the future
of the human race

Karan Michelle Evans, South Australia

Stop the food waste and the cost to producers.

Athalee Kemp, Adelaide Hills

Size & Shape doesn't matter!!

johanna anstey, St Agnes

I find it absolutely disgusting that food that is not 'pretty enough' is ditched. .hello.. how superficial! Its what on the inside that counts! Please stop wasting our precious resources and give us the choice.

Jo Hendrikx, Adelaide

Wasting resources is a crime (not legally yet tho). The amount of water, energy, fertiliser and human energy wasted in producing food that doesn't even leave the farm is unacceptable, so let's all work together to make it stop.

Cerez, Adelaide

size doesnt matter

Freya Davies, Goolwa

The extent to which we waste food in this country is unacceptable. We shouldn't take it so for granted--it's absurd that we throw away good fruit and veg before it even reaches the distribution stage, just because it doesn't look 'perfect'. We have to do better than this.

Penny Lara, Campbelltown

Such a waste of valuable resources including the time, land, energy and water taken to produce the food. It just doesn't make any sense!

Vanessa Williams, Adelaide

The amount of food waste is simply deplorable. With so many in the world who do without we need to stop this unnecessary waste.

Shannan Kimberley, Adelaide

Because it's ridiculous not to!

Sarah Bruns, Park Holme

Food waste is unacceptable in this country. We have the resources to produce it so we have the resources to distribute it better and ensure it is seen as the valuable resource that it is!

Lynda Curtis, North Plympton

I think most people would agree that size and shape doesn't matter - it's what's inside that counts. Let's put an end to discrimination in our shopping baskets.

Ali Roush, Richmond

It's ridiculous that we're wasting 20-40% of good quality Australian grown fruit and veg, just because they don't look perfect! What a waste.

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