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  1. Add your name to this campaign, and share your reasons for standing up and speaking out in the comments.
  2. Like the White Ribbon March Adelaide Facebook Page for more information on 2017's march and to see photos from 2016.
  3. Take the oath to stand up, speak out and act to prevent men's violence against women.
  4. Most family violence is perpetrated by men, and men have an important role in changing that culture. Share this campaign with 3 men in your life who are a living example of the respect all men should have for women, and who you think should take the oath to stand up and speak out.
  5. Watch your inbox for more opportunities to get involved.

We want South Australia to stand up and speak out about domestic violence.

The movement has already started - we had a great turnout to the Family and Domestic Violence Advocacy Network's White White Ribbon March in November, with hundreds turning out to call for an end to violence against women and children. But marching is not enough - real change starts with a personal commitment.

The next step is community leadership. To end violence against women, we need male and female leaders in every workplace, family and social group in South Australia who will stand up and speak out against family and domestic violence. That's why we want 100 South Australians take the oath to stand up to violence against women and children.

We'll organise more opportunities in the future, so join the campaign to stay connected with our movement to confront family violence in South Australia.

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Nadia Bergineti, Adelaide

Child Protection Advocacy is working to support victims with children through he difficult process of dealing with the Department for Child Ptotection. The department uses "failure in protective capacity" as a reason to sever relationships between mum and children for the mum being a victim of domestic violence

Jennifer Hammond, Adelaide

Domestic & Family Violence should of Stopped years ago! Let alone shouldnt of started in the first place! So many people are afraid to speak up about D.V or F.V . Kids are left without Mothers due to fathers murdering them then they are left without their fathers at the same time. It Distroys lifes. Everyone need to help put an end to it TODAY.

Will Mezner, Eden Hills

Ending family violence is everyone's responsibility.

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