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Parking Reform at Flinders University

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Parking at Flinders University is in need of serious reform. Students are already weighed down by the prospect of thousands of dollars in HECS debt hanging over their heads, the cost of textbooks at the start of every semester and surviving week to week. Parking fees are merely another hammer over the head on top of these costs.

The students of Flinders University call on the University Council, as the governing body of the University, to commit to a financially affordable parking system for Flinders Students. We petition the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the entire University Council, to pledge investment in Flinders University carparking, and look at ways to reduce the financial burden it imposes on students.

Flinders University, it is time to Park the Fees.

Supporter comments

Joyline Shaw, Blackwood

I just want to support the people who cannot afford the exorbitant parking fees. $5 here and there just to drop an assignment off can really add up.

Nicole Muir, Kilkenny

The only parking I have found available at Flinders is the overflow. Unless I get to uni at 8.10am, then I can get a decent park. We need a train that runs directly from the city to Flinders University.

Kiralee THOMPSON, Bridgewater

The parking situation at flinders is ridiculous. I pay over $100 a year for parking and so far I have had to park in the overflow parking every single day this semester and catch a bus up to the main campus then walk up to the education buildings. If I finish late then I have to wait 45 minutes for a bus back down to my carpark or I have to walk from the education buildings down to the overflow parking before it gets dark.

Arshdeep Kaur, Marleston, SA

I am supporting this campaign to make parking facilities affordable for the university students and visitors and have a fair and equitable parking system.

Bec Francis, Aberfoyle Park

I believe if you pay for a service you should actually get that service. This is not always the case with parking at Flinders. Often I am left driving around looking for a park and running late for lectures at 9am as I cant drop kids off at school earlier than 8:30am. The parking that is left at that time of day is miles away from the medical centre (up past education etc) or overflow where you have to trudge through mud at times.

Tracey Sinclair, Paralowie

Something needs to be done to improve the parking at Flinders.

sophie tsoulos, Fullarton

i feel that parking at flinders is expensive

Cat Dodd, Munno Para West

Currently I'm driving an hour to get to Tonsley which gets me to uni on time. If it was public transport it would take me two hours to get to uni. Study is stressful enough let alone having to worry about parking so early in the morning and whether or not you're going to get to your lecture.

John Marriott

Why aren't pooling permits way cheaper than single person permits. You need one each and hence the total is no cheaper. This doesn't encourage car pooling.

Sebastien Thorez, Sturt

Parking fees are just another cost. If they were free you could guarantee that there would not be enough parks. However, with the ever so wise governments that we currently have announcing that he wants a carbon neutral city and he can not repair the sad state our public transport is in. If it were far better, the access to the city and universities would not be an issue. The question is what are the universities going to do about it.

Kym Kuijpers, Strathalbyn

I don't have an issue with paying for parking, as long as there is a park there to use. Even though I have a handicapped permit, (which are always full) I find normal parking ridiculous. Bus is out of the question, as our system doesn't support rural students.

dimas pradana, tonsley

pay for a parking permit, but hard to find a parking place? then have to pay more for short term parking? have to worry about the time limit fine.....

Malou van Zanten, Australia

The permit is a bit useless if you can't park anywhere. Its terrible that all parks are full at 9am. Most cars only have one person in the car. Perhaps the university should support more carpooling options, Park and ride, support use of public transport (enrolled students free bus/train passes?).

Anita Smith, Aldgate, SA

I do not have a problem paying for a parking permit. I have a problem paying for a parking permit that doesn't get me a park and having to drive around for over an hour to find one! I don't believe parking should be free, and I appreciate not everyone has the means necessary to afford a permit... BUT... Maybe the uni can rejig semester dates to allow for additional catch-ups so in Semester 1 subjects don't avoid Monday lessons like the plague and cram everything into a Tuesday.

Alternatively, increase the permit price and guarantee parks by only issuing permits for parks in existence.

Alison Levy

I think something needs to be done about the number of parks available. Where does the money for the permits go? The only thing it seems to pay for is to employ inspectors to issue fines!

Jordan Stewart, Mitcham

Unable to find a park after 45 minutes through 5 designated car parking areas. At least I've got a cool $90 plastic hanger in my car with a Flinders sticker, because that's currently all it's good for.

Johnny V, Marion

I'm on Austudy and I have two children to look after and can't afford to pay so much, let alone afford petrol every week.. How is it fair to charge so much to struggling students?

Will Menzies

I missed too many lectures last year because I couldn't access the university.

Tayla Dunn, Strathalbyn

I am supporting this campaign because every day i drive to flinders uni and knowing somedays i won't be able to get a park even though i paid decent money for a permit is not good enough. I

lisa boothey, seaton

I go without lunch

cazz susta, lobethal

Its a Great.. idea..! Students would benefit from it..... The "Next train should come up to woodside and lobethal .. We have very limited options regarding public transport. Its a joke!

David, Flinders Bedford Park

Making a case for parking fees as they are might be possible IF people could get a park in a reasonable amount of time, and at a reasonable time of the day (ie. not just before 8:30am). IMHO, this should be fixed. In fact, I think this should have been fixed 10 years ago. Apparently there are "...over 5000 parking spaces on campus". The car park fills up every day. So... That's 5000 x $1/day = roughly $5000/day to spend on solving this problem? Or am I overlooking something here? Surely a university that ranks in the top 5% in the world has the cognitive resources to solve this parking problem.

Andre Gascoigne, Reynella

I'm supporting this because it's ridiculous to be expected to pay extra on top of course fees. It's even more ridiculous to not even be guaranteed a park after buying the pass!

Jack Harington, Adelaide

Paying fo parking sucks balls

Angela Tomarelli, Flinders Univeristy

The cost of parking is not so much an issue as the availability. I'm happy to pay for a service that I am provided. However, most often in previous years I was paying for a parking space with none available. I would support the construction of multi level car parking units and I believe that the allocation of spaces needs to be re-evaluated with more "regular permit parking" spaces on offer. either way reform needs to happen, the students are demanding a better solution than the ones we have on offer now.

A M, Northern Suburbs

Having to travel into uni from the northern suburbs everyday takes me anywhere from 45 mins to an hour and a half! Meaning that to beat the rush and get a car park I have to leave my house before 7:30! I shouldn't have to pay for a permit when I'm not even guaranteed a parking space

Samantha Cox, Broadview

Catching public transport is a pain, it can take up to two hours or more. Whilst driving is half of that time. Yearly Parking Permits at Flinders are quite costly when you are on a low income budget. Without the added cost of pricey textbooks, petrol and other amenities.

Kayla Jones, Broadview

I'm supporting this petition because I believe that the infrastructure of public transport is not sufficient to warrant the piss poor effort that is being shown by uni management to improve the parking conditions for students. The lack of parking options is grossly inadequate for the amount of money that students are required to fork out each year. Students can barely afford textbooks, let alone the luxury of a parking permit.

Mikayla Mills, Flinders Uni

I'm a broke Uni student who wants free stuff

Alie Ashdown, Westbourne Park

Even if you can afford a parking permit, they are not valid in many areas. If you cant find a park in a permit area you have to pay again for a park, or get a fine.

Ashleigh Barber

Parking at Flinders needs to be reviewed. Both staff and students waste time and money searching for a park they may never find because there simply is not enough parking at Flinders. It is a major issue that turns many potential students away to other universities. If Flinders needs a financial incentive to look at this issue, then look at that.

Andrea Weatherill, Flinders Living

I live on campus, I have to buy a permit to park in the Flinders Living village car park (and NOT guaranteed a park). If I need to park on the main campus, I have to buy a permit for that too (due to late classes and work after school) and even then I'm not guaranteed a park either. So it'd be nice to ease the burden of paying for two permits and guarantee a park (especially in Flinders Living)

Grace Chipperfield, Norwood

I choose to park away from Flinders and walk into uni because I don't want to pay to park on campus. Many students choose to do this and this has resulted in residential complaints and the restriction of parking in nearby areas (which in many cases removes off-campus parking as an alternative to parking at Flinders).

Though I believe the parking fee is certainly more reasonable than in the CBD, I think that given Flinders' relative inaccessibility (compared to university campuses in the CBD and the various options for public transport) there is a captive market here in both students and staff.

It is an additional cost that compounds to large amounts over time - not to mention the annual increase in fees. Also, the limited space and lack of guaranteed parking makes it a frustrating option for many.

I think it's also important to consider the position this puts staff and students in who either choose or need to stay afterhours at the university. If public transport is not an option for them after a certain time, they should not have to choose between paying for parking or finding an alternative way off campus at night. It poses a safety concern.

Elliott Johnson, Adelaide

Not only are yearly parking permits exceedingly expensive, you are not guaranteed a park at all, due to the number of parking spaces relative to the number of permits sold. Additionally, $40 for a fine is ridiculous to charge STUDENTS, many of whom would consider $40 to be the equivalent of a weeks worth of groceries. I refuse to pay $4 for a parking permit when I am attending a 20 minute meeting at 5pm on a Thursday.

Renee Diprose, Morphett Vale

If I have classes starting at 12pm, the fact that I need to arrive before 9am just to get a park is ridiculous.
And not everyone can afford $155 in one go OR to pay $4.60 every single day.

Kara Searles, Edwardstown

Yearly Parking Permits at Flinders are quite costly when you are on a low income budget. Furthermore, it becomes costly again when there is no guarantee you will get a park AND using up petrol driving around in circles trying to find a park! Expensive exercise all-round for students.

Libby Hammond, Port Willunga

Catching public transport is not an option, so parking at Flinders is the only option and it is costly and creates unnecessary stress.

Meredith Baker

As a student I am unable to afford the large one of charge at the start of the year for parking.

Brandon Sears

I'm supporting this campaign because I know many people who payed big bucks for the spot and honestly I think if you go to uni you should get free parking

Katharine Bates, Brighton, SA

The entire parking for students at Flinders needs to be addressed. In my entire 5 years at uni, not once did I go on my day off to study in the library purely because of the ridiculous fees. The number of carparks is also a joke. I (and many others) often had to drive around for half an hour or more to find a park and often would not get one so I'd give up and go home meaning I'd miss a tutorial or lecture.

Julie Edmonds, Morphett Vale

I have kids to drop off and pick up from their schools, so catching a bus to and from Uni is not really an option for me.

Victoria Bridgland, Flinders Uni

All those $$$$$'s spent on the Hub, yet such short-sighted planning on student accessibility to parking and actual attendance at Uni. Who makes these ridiculous decisions?
HECS fees, books, car parking there any incentive to study any more?

Adrian Kan, SA

Textbooks cost a lot and we need new one(s) almost every semester. Parking permit is the only choice to cut cost but the allotted spaces are too little. Missed a few tutorials and almost an important one just in the last semester. That includes being late for almost every important group meeting while circling around 15-30 minutes searching for a parking. Please consider reviewing the university's parking policy.

Sheydin Dew, Birdwood

I would like to support this campaign purely because as a student who lives quite a distance a way, (where buses are not readily available) fuel costs only add to the growing cost of being a student, let alone having to pay parking fees on top of that. I strongly believe that this could change the experience of studying at flinders.

Tracy Miller, Seaford

As a special needs mum money is always tight and so having to find that extra money for parking at uni can mean skimping on other things like food for my kids :(

Lucinda Broughton, Adelaide

I'm supporting this campaign because I have experienced, like many others not being able to find a park and know how stressing it is when you were meant to be at a tutorial 5 minutes ago but you have to continue to drive around to find adequate parking. University fees are already overly priced so why is is that we are charged to park at the university when for so many the only way to travel to university is by car, which already brings great expense.

Laura Schmidt, Flinders Uni

because paying hefty fees and not being able to get a park a majority of the time is unfair and unreasonable

Christopher Hatswell, South Australia

Flinders needs free parking.

Erica O'Neill, Ascot Park

I'm supporting this campaign because students are under enough financial burden as is

Kosta Manning, Flinders

I support this campaign because it is something that needs to be brought to attention.

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