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Parking Reform at Flinders University

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Parking at Flinders University is in need of serious reform. Students are already weighed down by the prospect of thousands of dollars in HECS debt hanging over their heads, the cost of textbooks at the start of every semester and surviving week to week. Parking fees are merely another hammer over the head on top of these costs.

The students of Flinders University call on the University Council, as the governing body of the University, to commit to a financially affordable parking system for Flinders Students. We petition the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the entire University Council, to pledge investment in Flinders University carparking, and look at ways to reduce the financial burden it imposes on students.

Flinders University, it is time to Park the Fees.

Supporter comments

Dora Stephan, Richmond Hill

I'm planning to attend Flinders as an international student. As such, I'm already paying tuition fees that are triple, adding on yet another fee is taking advantage of the international students, especially if there aren't any parking spots.

leena abraham, st marys

I am supporting this campaign because parking is literally impossible to find and catching public transport is not reliable . We work , run a home and try to study . Not veing able to afford parking and availability of parking space is stressful. Balancing work snd study and a limited budget is stressful enough.

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Kathy Burns, Port Elliot

I had no idea that parking fees were involved at Flinders Uni. As the majority of students would be on a limited budget, it seems unfair that this levy should be applied. It only seems reasonable that if a service is paid for, it should be provided.

Harriet Beard, Blackwood

Flinders University is an upcoming university that many students are aiming to attend. With the amount of student already at Flinders it can be nearly impossible to find a park - nearly impossible in the fact that you have to drive around for 30-60 minutes looking and hoping to find a parking space. It shouldn't be a hassle to go to University to study a course we love, it shouldn't be a hassle to attend university. I am happy to pay for a parking permit but not being guaranteed a car park close to where my classes are held is something I am not willing to invest in. Public transport is a pain as well, with the timetables being off, busses breaking down or being so full they won't let anyone else on. Public transport isn't the best option for some or most people. Flinders need to lower their parking permit prices or have a wider permiter of car parks to cater for ALL students.

Kyle Howard, Craigmore

As a future student who lives quite a distance from it, it is bad enough to charge students a mass amount to park by what I've researched, a person on Youth allowance struggles enough but for them expecting me to pay for parking? That draws the line.
Wouldn't be such a hassle if they had free car parking. Almost best to stay home and watch the lectures online and only go in for the tutorials, even then if I made it there on time regardless how early I'd leave the house

NOW Leadership Academy, South Australia

students don't need this added cost

Connie Sgar, Sellicks Beach

Just make the parking affordable and not so restrictive please. I agree with what the other supporters have said - the parking is ridiculous and if the Uni wants to charge, at least make it affordable. A lot of us are already dealing with other priorities like working and raising families - driving around for 30 mins (while missing your classes) and then paying premium for a park is just adding to the stress.

kate neville, flinders

I am often driving around for 30 minutes looking for a park... I've heard numerous times "don't go to flinders the parking is terrible." There is not sufficient public transport from where I live to flinders and even though i buy a parking pass it is very difficult to find a park.

Scarlette Haze

have more classes offered at the victoria square campus, this will reduce the number of cars the the bedford park campus, and make the uni more appealing to those living north of the city

Scarlette Haze

have more classes offered at the victoria square campus, this will reduce the number of cars the the bedford park campus

Will Menzies, 5050

University Council's failure to account for the university's infrastructure is a sign of recklessness and poor planning - this University can't be world class with a Council that is out of touch with students.

The VC should show the students he has his house in order.

Will Menzies, 5050

University Council's failure to account for the university's infrastructure is a sign of recklessness and poor planning - this University can't be world class with a Council that is out of touch with students. The VC should show the students he has his house in order.

Claire Mercer, Ingle Farm

Each day i come to uni i spend 3hrs on the bus not including the time i need to wait in between getting on buses when its only a 40 minute drive (30 minutes in good traffic). Why? Because i cannot afford to pay so much money for a parking permit when there's no guarentee i will even get a park will i get to uni!!

Kayla Stoeckel, Bedford Park

Because we have enough to pay for!

Sheree Morphett, Darlington

Having spent last year paying for parking ON TOP of having brought a permit I can dafely say that i will not be buying a permit again. More often than not i have had to pay to park in the 2hr ticket parks. This is wrong, if you are going to sell so many more permits than parks then there needs to be a way to get partial refunds of you have had to pay for both!! Sort it out Flinder

Claire Cutting, Blair Athol

Unlike the uni's in the city, Flinders is harder to get to and a lot more people have to go by car as the public transport options are not great. (Good for me I can take g10 all the way). When I lived in Stirling I had to drive cos there was only one bus, once. There should be more public transport available to get to flinders at a range of times, or more spaces available. I think the cost is generally affordable but why are people being charged for overflow parking?!

Sam Vanmali, Adelaide

I'm at the Sturt campus, and if I don't get to uni by 9am then all the parks are gone! I've missed lectures and compulsory tutorials because I've had to drive arounder campus for ages trying to park my car! UniSA Magill has parking for students for 15c an hour. Now THAT'S reasonable!

Vanessa Twelftree, Adelaide

Given there are not enough parks, most days, the university should not be capitalising on the fact their location is restrictive for many students to be able to receive their education.

Jason Moore, Marion

I do not drive to Uni, but from what I hear and see; it is a complete and utter joke. Fix your shit Flinder

Jen Parker, Adelaide

Spending up to $15+ in parking tickets each week, just to go into uni for a couple of hours. I cannot afford to fork out the money for the permit, as much as I would love one.

I could be spending it on food or textbooks. I only work 3-6 hours a week as it is, so paying for petrol, books and other necessities is more important. Lectures and tutorials are compulsory, so I don't have the luxury to miss any.

Melissa, Rostrevor

I spend roughly 16 hours a week on the bus (2hr either way) because I can't afford the petrol on top of parking. If I could afford the parking it would save me so much time I could dedicated to studying.

Olivia Smith, Flagstaff Hill

Now that the short term parking has been changed to 2hrs only it is forcing people to buy permits. Fees are too expensive especially when some of us aren't at uni every day of the week. The university isn't easy to get to for anyone and they're taking advantage of this.

April Meats, Port Noarlunga south

When I was at uni (years ago) parking was a lot cheaper than what it is now.
Uni fees have increased greatly, and as students it is often hard to afford the necessities without reducing our study times to work.
If we have to continue to pay for parking, perhaps they can build more parks??

Eunice Cubio, Mt Barker

As a travelling student from the Adelaide Hills, I already struggle with the constant fluctuating cost of petrol and while I'd love to spend more time at uni, I am quickly repulsed by the thought of the parking I have to pay for. Not to mention that I am only employed as a casual worker. I hope you can take my issue into consideration. Thank you.

Joe Andrew, Aberfoyle park

Missed tutorials before because there aren't enough spaces.

Having to pay for the education, separately pay for parking, and then still be unable to do anything is infuriating.

Miranda Murphy

There has been times hat I have missed tutorials and lectures due to not being able to get a park and not having enough time to drive down to overflow parking and then wait for a loop bus to come and pick me up.

Daisy Campion, Australia

i heard some crazy stats to the ratio of parking permits and how many parks there actually are, to the point were people mount the garden area in car park across from education building just to get a park so they can recieve their education they paid for, yeah cool?


Because the cost of parking and the permits are too much. For someone who works only once a week paying for rent, food, car, uni books and petrol is over wheeling, but to have to pay a lot of money to park my own car seems crazy - I could be spending that money on text-books that I couldn't afford.

Thong Bui, Mile End

My girlfriend constantly complains about the overflow parking, please change your parking system.

Gaibrielle, Ascot Park

I'm supporting this campaign because I live week to week, juggle paying rent, bills, transport, food etc. $4 every day adds up

Josie Nunn, Bedford Park

Parking is too expensive on the Flinders Campus and parks are not guaranteed. If Flinders only want a single loop bus that takes longer than it does to walk, then there are issues.

Kosta Manning, West Beach

I support this campaign because I think that the price of day parking is downright outragous.
$2 a day, Yeah!
$3 for a day, umm okay?

$4+ ?! Its a joke for visitors.

Simone Corletto, Hectorville

The parking situation is ridiculous. I don't even bother coming in before midday anymore because I know I won't get a park otherwise. Many of the car parks up the hill could be doubled by building a second story.

Amy Bartlett, Chriddy D

Parking spots can be impossible to find, especially on Mondays and after 9am. A few times I've driven around for 45 minutes only to give up and drive home

neva mehbrei, thebarton

I paid for student parking but I still have to be up at 5 am to get a park, or catch a bus from my car to the campus. I get motion sickness on the bus, so by the time i get to class I'm too sick to focus. I am considering switching uni courses because its just not worth it.

Elly O'Loughlin, St Marys

I'm supporting this campaign because something needs to be done about the limited parking spaces available at Flinders, and either a decrease in parking fees or no fees at all. As a part time student (one internal day), I can't justify the expense for a full year permit- nor could I afford it if I did.

Madeline McBeth, Mitchell Park

Why should we pay such a high fee when we rarely get to park near our campus? Lower the fee OR think about building new carparks.

Felise Adams, Plympton park

I'm supporting this campaign as I have been going to flinders for 8 years now and the parking is worse than ever. It's terrible, funny how the fees go up when the parking spots go down. Something needs to be done.

Christina Veprek, Henley Beach

There is limited parking in the parking fees are quite excessive on a limited income.

Ashleigh Mirra, Hallett Cove

Parking is horrible and to get a suitable park you need to be on campus by 8am. It needs to be taken into consideration that we are up against Flinders Uni staff as well as thousands of students, so it is very difficult to park with such limited spaces.

Jasmine Woolcock, Flinders Uni

Sick of paying an increasing fee for fewer parks every year, easier said than done but idealy make more parks or reduce the price because having to get to uni over half an hour early just to get a park doesnt seem worth the mlney and the long walk to class any more but with less ticketed parks this year the uni isnt making the options that easy for anyone

Charlotte Walters, Seaford

It's unreasonable to ask us to pay $155 for parking when 80% of the time, it's unlikely that you get to find a park here in the first place.

Jessica Durston, Aldinga Beach

Parking should be free for University students, I think it is poor form that we have to pay to park our car when we already have so much we have to pay for just to get through our degree. Show some compassion and give us a break. I am a mum of 2 and cannot work as well as study, that in itself puts a financial strain on my family without the added stress of having to pay for parking at Uni.

Daniel Taylor, Port Noarlunga

Knowing that there might not even be a parking space for me available after paying $155 on an annual parking permit just doesn't feel fair. Somedays I don't even feel like coming in for only a 2 hour tutorial because I know I'll spend 30 minutes trying to secure a park.

Courteney Gast, Mount Torrens

Im supporting the campaign because I think as students we don't work full time, so why should we be paying full prices for parking? Over a hundred dollars every year just to park at uni ... seems a bit ridiculous

Allen Blazey, Clovelly Park

Parking fee's should be obliterated, or at least cut back to a reasonable, cost effective figure.

Annara Walding, Adelaide

I think it is pretty unfair we need to pay for overflow parking. My classes are near the education building. It takes me 40 minutes just to walk to class from overflow and I still have to pay for it. >:(

Laura Willcocks, Normanville

I find having to pay for a parking permit and then not being able to find a park and having to resort to overflow parking is ridiculous or alternatively having to pay extra to park in short term parking then needing to worry about time limits. If students are paying so much for parking permits they should be able to get a park thats not in overflow or short term parking.

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