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Needs-based funding changes lives, and it will drive South Australia's future. But not all parties are committed to funding the full six years of the Gonski agreement, through to 2019. Funding to 2019 gives our schools the certainty to continue to deliver the programs that are already making a difference.

We've had some big wins already:

  • The Nick Xenophon Team joined Labor and the Greens and came out in support of fully funding Gonski at our pre-election forum
  • 60% of South Australians voted for pro-Gonski parties
  • Thousands of South Australians have pledged their support for needs-based funding.
  • 147 SA principals called on the Nick Xenophon Team to publicly commit to protecting Gonski, and they agreed!
  • Thanks to the Nick Xenophon Team, Labor and the Greens, it will be impossible for the Government to force through it's cuts to needs-based funding.

But there's still a long way to go to secure a future where our schools are properly funded, our students are meeting their full potential, and the economy is growing on the strength of a better-educated community.

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