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Flinders University Market Garden

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Imagine being able to wander into a nearby food garden at Flinders University and grab a healthy snack of summer-sweet strawberries and crisp sugar-snap peas for lunch... 

In Flinders 50th year, we intend to extend the existing permaculture community garden, by transforming it into a thriving on-campus market garden, to sustain the Flinders community into the next 50 years (and beyond).

The market garden will provide students, staff and the wider community with opportunities to learn and gain hands-on experience and skills in growing food locally, cooking and sharing fresh produce on-campus and promote time outdoors gardening for well-being.

Once established, the market garden will be able to fully sustain vendors on campus with fresh produce, making the market garden a self-sustaining business prospect.

The money raised will then be available to start up even more gardens and ventures all over the campus and in the wider community.

Groups already involved in food growing, cooking and gardening on-campus (students and staff) are now joining together to help the 'Flinders Market Garden' become a reality.

Our first step is demonstrating wide support and presenting a business plan to the University.

Supporter comments

Will Menzies, Eden Hills

I want Flinders University to be a leader in sustainability, from the global level to the local campus level.

Marty Vaher, Hallett Cove

Back in last century at the close of the Greenhouse '88 conference held Australia wide and here in Adelaide Uni. A passionate speaker from the floor called for all schooling, from kindergarten through to the highest levels of further education, have their grounds fully functioning as outdoor classrooms, growing foods for the school kitchens, growing a learning environment for everyone to have at least a basic understanding of the role biosphere services play in our stewardship of this Verdant Jewel in the heavens. In closing he said and most importantly such basic knowledge empowers individuals and community to overcome the pitfalls engineered into the demand economy, so when governments and corporations fail to provide resilience in the face of adversity, community can and will survive.

I have supported the Flinders Community Permaculture Garden in various ways in the past and pledge to continue to do so

Joanne Caire, Belair

I want access to locally grown fresh produce!

Chris Blackmore, Bedford Park

I choose to be the change I wish to see in the future

Tom Ramsey, Uni Hall

Great idea for the whole community

Vanessa Hogg, Happy Valley

More local produce gardens brings the community together, reduces big branded herbicide and pesticide sprayed foods, and gives students the opportunity to be involved in something environmentally fun!

Barbara Dalton, St Marys

A great way to bring the University community together and get them working for an eco-friendly goal. Also, permaculture food growing is an important skill for everyone to learn.

sarah kibble, adelaide

local food production is important, as is the social and health benefits of engaging in growing food

Chris Day, Aldinga Beach

I was part of the collective to start this Flinders Community Permaculture Garden 16 years ago, I would be thrilled to see it grow and expand further. Its was always foreseen to expand and be an example of growing your own healthy food, and education. Will a gazebo now built, this site has a huge capacity to give "REAL"education!

sam whitehead, MCLAREN VALE

Food enables us to live. Living enables us to eat. I like eating. Grow more real food. The garden is a great idea!!

Alex Roberts-Viney, Morphett Vale

Why not be the leaders in another brilliant student led initiative?!

Ella Murphy-O'Neil, Burnside

The garden and its produce can be used to provide education and knowledge about food, its origins and its benefits to students and staff! A brilliant initiative, I'm 100% on board

Claire Perry, Adelaide

I'm looking forward to being a part of this amazing project which will not only provide an essential food education to many faculties across the university and wider community, but will hopefully also be a leading example of a sustainable food future in South Australia (..and the world!).

Ben Adlington, Trott Park

This would be of many few on-campus market gardens in the entire world. The Flinders University Market Garden would be a shining example of sustainable food production in which the world will inevitably follow. Ran by students, with support from university staff, the market garden creates a welcoming, tightly knit community devoted to improving the environment and the way in which we grow food.

Jay Kimber, Aldinga

This is such a progressive idea. Market garden and skills required to create and run them are essential for the future of our food. Local food systems are a must. I'm so excited to watch this project grow.

Dylan Di, Adelaide

It's a great idea!

David Chadwick, Blackwood

Sustainable options for the future.
Also, I love food

Josh Jarvis, Onkaparinga Hills

This is an amazing idea that will have far reaching positive implications if achieved.

Courtney Glover, Adelaide

We should be doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and be reconnected with nature and how food should be grown.
It also means we will know where our food comes from, and what pesticides and fertilizers (if any) are used.

Jess Wong, Adelaide

Plants are awesome. Eating is awesome.


Erin Slater, Adelaide

Soil is good for the soul... as is greenery, sun and the satisfaction that comes from the achievement of producing your own delicious foods.

Freya Davies-Ardill, Adelaide

I'd love to see this initiative up and running! What a great way to promote a sustainable culture on campus and get more people engaged in community gardening and thinking about where their food is sourced.

Erin Guppy, Adelaide

I believe local produce should be encouraged and of course, the support Flinders can receive from this opportunity..

Ali Roush, Richmond

This has so many benefits for the University and local community. Not only would it make Flinders a world leader in promoting food security and show our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, but it also has fantastic social, cultural, health and financial benefits to all involved.

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