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Don’t Water Down the Plan

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Join this campaign to demand that Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce don't water down the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

We're demanding that the Federal Government invests $1.57 billion to deliver 450 gigalitres of water promised to South Australians under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

South Australians fought for and secured 3200GL of water to be returned to the River Murray environment to prevent it from dying from the mouth up.

South Australian communities rely on the river for their livelihood. Watering down the Murray-Darling Basin Plan will also have disastrous results for the health of the environment.

Supporter comments

NOW Leadership Academy, South Australia

The health of the river and communities along it should be for the whole river

Louise Fechner, Mclaren vale

The health of the river and communities along it should be for the whole river

Jenny Scott, Boothby Electorate

I am supporting this campaign because I witnessed the devastating effects on South Australian towns during the drought. Barnaby Joyce and his federal colleagues MUST honour the agreement.

Helen Bradbury, NT

Keep the Murray free flowing at the mouth and you keep the river healthy. Anyone from the land would know this.

Paul Ramsay, Dubbo

This federal Gov has it's head in the sand!

Jason Doust, Canberra

The plan is based in science. The resource has been overdrawn for decades and it needs to be managed responsibly.

Pauline Gambley, Adelaide

Everyone on our waterways needs to play their part. Healthy rivers mean a healthy nation.
Dont water down the plan.

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