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Campaign Guidelines

One Community is all about South Australians coming together to build a State that is inclusive, tolerant and gives everyone a fair go. As such, we have a few campaign guidelines and rules to make sure that One Community is a safe and effective environment for change. Your campaign will be approved if it meets the following guidelines.

What your campaign needs

  1. Align with One Community’s purpose
    One Community exists to be a catalyst for positive social change and provide an opportunity for people to work together and contribute to a positive, progressive and shared future. Campaigns that fit this description and adhere to the principles below will gain the approval of our reference group for publication.
  2. Have a clear ask
    What is it exactly that your campaign hopes to achieve? What will success look like? A change in policy? A new funding arrangement? A statement from a political or other leader? Make sure your supporters can celebrate your victory by describing what it will look like to have won.
  3. Have a call to action
    Community campaigns work best when you have something that you are asking your supporters to do. Whether it be to write to a member of parliament, sign a petition or come to a meeting, it’s important that you clearly articulate what you need your supporters to do. You can add new “ask’s” as the campaign progresses.
  4. Share content
    Having good quality content in an easy-to-share format goes a big way to getting people interested in your campaign.
  5. Have a plan
    Have a think about a timeline for your campaign. You want to make sure that you engage your target audience and build momentum as your campaign moves forward and spending just half an hour planning your key milestones, asks, emails and goals can make sure you keep your supporters engaged in your campaign.
  6. Activate your friends
    The best way to get your campaign off to a great start is to invite your colleagues, friends, your family and anyone else you know that might be interested in your campaign and ask them to share your content on social media.

What your campaign doesn’t need:

  1. Racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  2. One Community is all about empowering individual South Australians, not-for-profits and the community sector and as such promotion of a political party, politician, or candidate for political office is prohibited.
  3. Don’t impersonate people or organisations in support of your campaign.
  4. Don’t harass or intimidate people.
  5. Don’t break the law or advocate for other people to break the law.
  6. Don’t spam your supporters!
  7. Never share private or personal details without full consent.
  8. The world has enough jerks – when in doubt, be kind.

One Community exists to bring positive social change towards all people having the opportunity to belong and contribute to the future we share as South Australians. Campaigns that fit this description, and adhere to the principles above, will gain approval of our reference group for publication.